Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taking The Good With The Bad

I have become disillusioned with technology. (She says as she types her blog on a laptop.) All kidding aside, I'm tired of it. Problems with laptops, problems with my iPod, problems with facebook. Who needs the stress? We spend hundreds of dollars on gadgets only to be angry and frustrated when they break down a week after the warranty expires, and then have to spend hundreds more to fix or replace them. Now, I will admit that I'm technologically challenged and short on patience but it just isn't fun anymore when you find yourself muttering "serenity now" over and over while restraining yourself from smashing a costly piece of equipment to pieces. It's also not fun when some crazy-ass from your hometown creates a bunch of fake facebook profiles, includes your picture on them, and you get a message from the police. WTF??!!? I'm not going to go into details and I'm not going to dwell on it, but I will say that this is a person with way too much time on their hands. Deriving joy from causing problems for others.....very sad. And not good for your karmic score either.

I was a latecomer to the facebook party and although I have enjoyed re-connecting with people I haven't seen in years, enjoy using it to communicate easily with loved ones, and find it to be a nifty networking tool; it can also be a mindless, numbing, time-suck. I mean, I have facebook on my phone. Why?? While I'm at work do I need to let everyone know that I don't feel like being there? Is there a pressing need to know, in an instant, that a friend is sitting in front of the tube with a bowl of Lucky Charms watching  CSI: Miami  re-runs? Or that another friend's kid finally pooped in the toilet? Not to trivialize anyone's important news, but the answer is no, I don't need this information in the palm of my hand. With that being said, I am on hiatus from facebook and will only post blog updates. I will also post any earth shattering news I may have. Like, say, if Derek Jeter shows up at my door and asks me to marry him. Or, I come into some money and I'm packing my shit and taking off for Bali. Now, some may ask themselves, "Well, what's the difference between writing a blog and posting on facebook?", and surely, you jest! I started this blog because I like to write and wanted to use it to hone what little skill I may have for writing. And maybe if I practice enough I could someday be paid for writing. (Cue the sound of harps playing while I sigh dreamily and look off into the distance.)

Moving health challenge this week. In a word: shitty. Cut out sweets? Nope. Exercise? Nope, again. I'm an emotional eater and emotions were running high for me this week. I haven't been parking myself at all you can eat buffets or gorging myself on mozzarella sticks, but I did let the vegetables slip away. There were also alcoholic beverages involved. (Not too many, I can't take the hangover.) I'm not giving up, though. And I forgive myself because, after receiving some sad news, I needed to get out of the house and be around people for a bit. I didn't want to be alone. Here's what transpired (pretty tame, but social, at least):

On Friday afternoon I headed down the street to Fahy's Irish Pub for a few cocktails. I don't go in there often and I don't know why. I like the woman who owns the place (Katy) and it's close. Nothing fancy, it feels like you're sitting in someone's rec room with the drop-ceiling and pool table. Lots of neighbors bring their dogs and I love it, but then I start to feel bad for the dogs because there's so much smoke. Spent a couple of hours there (Katy told me to come back more often, maybe I will.) and then biked over to Mona Lisa on Royal St. for dinner with Mike. We started with their brushetta. I LOVE IT and was craving it. It tastes of balsamic vinegar and seems very simple. I'm going to try to duplicate it this weekend. I then had a moderate portion of spaghetti bolognese (very tasty) and capped that off with a very fine cannoli. Probably the best I've had in New Orleans. (And, yes, I'm aware that I f'd up my no sugar challenge just hours after I posted it.) I was satisfied to call it a night after that meal. After two days of doing nothing but procrastinating, I ventured out again on Sunday evening. I was in the mood for some music but had to eat before cocktails. I decided on The Copper Monkey for their steak quesadilla, which is as I believe a quesadilla should be: chunks of rib eye steak and cheese between tortilla. No raw onion, no raw tomato, no cilantro. Just perfect beefy, cheesy goodness. Jalapenos, sour cream, and salsa on the side. Amen. They also make a good (read strong) cocktail. The Boyfriend met me there and I convinced him to go hear some music with me even though he wanted to go to bed. Good guy. (Well, really, he didn't want me out gallivanting by myself.) We went to Maison on Frenchmen St. for a little funk from Margie Perez and her band. Not a large crowd but a good showing and I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday night than with great music, food, and cocktails.

Need to make the good things happen more often and stop letting stress get the best of us.

Here's hoping for a better week.

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