Friday, July 8, 2011

Like Nina Simone Said, I'm "Feelin' Good"

I've made it through the first week of my challenge and I'm happy with my progress so far. In fact, I'm enthused about it. And it hasn't really seemed all that painful. Honestly, I think my body was pretty much craving this after being pushed to its limit of laziness and crappy eating. Again, I'm not going to use this forum to journal everything I put in my mouth and every calorie I burn, but I do want to hold myself accountable for my shortfalls. And do some bragging too, of course. So, lets get to those guidelines I came with up this week........

I'd have to say that, by far, the area I most excelled in was portion control. And I'm proud of that since it was my biggest problem area. I even actually stopped eating when I was full and ate when I was hungry. Imagine that. What a concept!

Other high points: I had nothing too cheesy, just sprinkles here and there. Ordered no take-out. Drank water. Cooked at home with produce. Had no alcohol. I minimized my beef and pork intake. [The only beef I had was in the two Lean Cuisines I ate (and we know how stingy they are with beef) and the 2 braised short ribs I had at work (I know, I tried to avoid it, but I was starving!). The short ribs were a big mistake - they tore up my stomach, lesson learned. The only pork I had was the questionable bits on an individual pizza.]

Lower points (but not horrible): Full disclosure.....I ate something deep fried. BUT, it was only 3 of my boyfriend's french fries (and they didn't even taste good to me). HE ordered take-out last night and I will say I was proud of my restraint. Usually I would have given in, said "what the hell" and ordered something for myself. But I didn't. Yay me! Exercise was another non-perfect area but I did more than usual. The same goes for sugar, I had one small treat a day but far less than I'd been eating (usually a pint of ice cream and sometimes snacks at work). And I probably had too many diet sodas. I can live with that.

I'm staying positive, and I'm going to keep up the momentum. I'm feeling more energy and a spring in my step after just one week. But let's be honest (and superficial) here, I want to see some weight loss too. I mentioned before that I don't own a scale, and that's probably a good thing. I think I'll stick with that policy and just go by the feel of my clothing. Too many times I've let that number define me and make me feel like a failure. Not this time. Healthier all around - mind and body. In 4 more weeks my BFF will be here. I want to be in top form for having fun and shakin' my thang without feeling like my clothes fit like sausage casing or that I need to go take a nap. I want to feel good about myself. That's what it's all about. Feelin' good.

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