Monday, July 4, 2011

On A Roll

Day four of my challenge is coming to a close and I'm feeling good about it. Still not perfect but that's ok. There has been improvement and that's all I can ask of myself.

I stayed pretty close to home this first weekend in order to avoid food and beverage temptations and, to tell the truth, since my visit to NJ, money has been a bit tight so frivolity must be sacrificed for the time being. But I did get out to do some walking and on Sunday afternoon I strolled over to the French Market to check out the produce to see what kind of vegetables I could incorporate into our dinner that evening. I was sadly disappointed. Only 2 or 3 vendors had produce and it was mostly fruit. I did see some red peppers but they were so puckered and old looking that I couldn't believe they were on display. I really thought that the French Market had lots of local produce and other local food products and spices. Nope. And I was sorry to see that a lot of the stuff there is the same stuff being sold in the gift shops around the city. Going to have to look into other farmer's markets. Anyway, from the Market I walked over to the grocery and picked up the ingredients for turkey chili. Simple and tasty. It's been so HOT here that spending extended periods over a stove is not an option. And forget about the oven. Simple is definitely key. Although, an upside to the heat is I've been sweating like an animal on my walks - I'll take any kind of loss, even if it's water weight.

Now I have another guideline I'd like to discuss:

17)  7 to 8 hours of sleep a night, not 12 to 14. Sleep. I love sleep. But I do it poorly. A lot of times I have trouble falling asleep, then when I do it's not so great either. My sleep is disturbed several times a night, whether it's to go to the can or something else wakes me. In addition to all the weight I've gained, I've also gained a case of sleep apnea. Never officially diagnosed but it is what it is. Lack of health insurance prevents me from going and getting one of those fancy breathing machines. Anyway, every person I know of who has one never uses it. I'm hoping some weight loss will right the situation and I'll be better rested.

So, not a very exciting holiday weekend to report on but I'm happy with it and I'm in a good place to start my work week tomorrow.

Hope you had a great 4th, y'all!


  1. Keep it up and stay positive. Pulling for you!

  2. Thank you!