Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just What the World Needs.....Another Blog

So, here it is, my first blog entry. I turned 40 recently and although I'm not one of those people who thinks this makes me old, the situation did make me assess where I am in life at this point. This is what I came up with...I am overweight, in debt, lacking spiritually, occasionally depressed, an emotional wreck (at times), lazy, mentally unstimulated, unhealthy, in a relationship that has it's ups and downs (like every relationship), constantly wasting time, restless, and in a general funk/rut....whatever you want to call it. The good things being that I'm still breathing and I live in New Orleans. Oh, and the aforementioned relationship. I felt that maybe this imbalance between good and bad/mediorce should be addressed and remedied. Hence, my new blog. I'm using this blog as my inspiration and motivation to get my ass off of the couch and out the door to partake in all the fun this city offers. (A person can only watch so many Law&Order reruns.) Also, I enjoy writing and talking about myself and this offers a creative outlet.... no matter how marginal. Anyhoo...I'll be reporting periodically on my adventures and on my ruminations and rants on life in general. So, if you somehow stumbled upon this blog I hope you, first, get a laugh out of it; and second, I hope it makes you want to visit New Orleans. And if you live here, I hope it makes you want to get out and live life to the fullest in this beautiful city. But you should be doing that wherever you live because life is just too short. (Cliche'd, I know.)

P.S. Excuse any spelling/grammatical errors...not my forte'.

P.P.S. I'm aware that the word "sherbert" in the title is also spelled "sherbet" and that my spelling is possibly considered wrong, but it's also listed in places as the "American" variation. Plus I just liked it spelled that way.

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