Sunday, August 8, 2010

Progress, However Small

I've been slightly successful in meeting my new goal of getting out more, but there's definitely room for improvement. On Wednesday, after spending hours creating this blog, I was not in a social mood. (To say I'm lacking computer skills is an understatement.) On Thursday I was too tired to go out after usual exscuse. Friday was my day....the kickoff of Satchmo Summerfest. I colored my hair, put on a cute outfit and headed over to Port of Call for a late lunch and an early start on the evening's festivities and libations. Had a big fat mushroom cheeseburger and a monsoon (their house drink) to get things started. Port of Call is a busy place with a great mix of locals and tourists who come in for burgers and stiff drinks. Some people eat & leave. Some people, like me, linger over drinks and people watch. The bartenders can be a bit surly and they put up with ZERO crap from people. (I, again, had the pleasure of watching the person two seats away get thrown out.) But they keep things running smoothly, so the place is tolerable even with the crowds. And it's also one of those places where I can't resist having an alcoholic beverage. I have a love/hate relationship with booze. I love everything about bars...the smells, the social aspect, the sounds...there's a certain camaraderie that goes with the territory. To me, there's nothing better than a dark, neighborhood dive bar with a jukebox and an afternoon stretching ahead of you. (I prefer afternoon drinking.) What I hate is not knowing when to say when, making an ass out of myself, and feeling like ass the next day. Anyhoo....Friday was a drinking day. At around 6 I headed over to dba on Frenchmen Street to see the Carl LeBlanc Band featuring "Big Fine" Ellen Smith and meet up with my boyfriend.. It's been years since I've heard Ellen sing and she still sounds and looks great. I don't think she gets enough recognition. And I LOVE that she calls herself Big Fine Ellen....that confidence! I would be mortified if anyone called me "big" anything. I very much prefer denial. After their show and more cocktails we just hung on Frenchmen with the local characters listening to Rebirth Brass Band throw it down on the street. Then.....the rain came. It poured. And like a drunken idiot I wanted to dance in it. Nice thought, but after soaking myself I found that my freshly dyed hair ran onto my clothing. Not only did I look like a fool, my clothes were ruined. Decided it was time to pack it  in and was in bed by 11. Saturday was quiet. Sunday I went out to the Satchmo Fest and got a po' boy and checked out the Baby Boyz Brass Band. Those young boys were gettin' it!!! I had to marvel at how the crowds of people were ignoring the oppressive heat. I, however, could not. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a Law&Order: SVU marathon on and I'm missing it.

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