Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Cheer

I am optimistic about this Holiday Season. Funny, since I haven't had a Christmas tree in 12 years. The tree just seemed like so much of an effort when no one else was going to see it, so I just said forget it. This year my mom and her best friend will be visiting for Christmas and we are in a new place, maybe that's what's putting me in the holiday spirit. I'm planning on making cookies and Christmas dinner, hanging lights and buying gifts. I've pulled out my Christmas cds and ordered my favorite Christmas movies from Amazon (which I plan to watch while eating the aforementiond cookies and drinking hot chocolate). I also made a Christmas Eve dinner reservation at the swanky Rib Room for all of us. And I have to say....I'm excited about all of it. I absolutely love buying gifts for people and I've always loved the holiday atmosphere but the holidays are not any fun when you are feeling lonely and I think that's what turned me off of the them. When I moved to New Orleans 8 years ago, I moved away from my family and long-time friends. It's definitely hard to make new lasting friendships when you are in your 30s and, I have to say, with one or two exceptions, I have not made friends here that measure up to my life-long friends. This is surely my fault, as I have a tendency to be a bit of a loner. I'd love to be more comfortable with myself socially, but as you get older you get more comfortable in your "ways". Other times, it's just that I'm too lazy to make the effort to be social. Which is a shame because life is meant to be lived and I happen to be fortunate enough to live in one of the most vibrant, exuberant cities ever. A city where age is just a number and EVERYONE is welcome to join the party. So, this season I will make an effort to shake off my normal holiday funk and raise a glass (or two) to participating in the party that is life in NOLA.

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