Thursday, November 18, 2010

Healthy Fascination

I am truly fascinated by people who choose fruit over a piece of cake for dessert. I sit in the cafeteria at my place of employment and watch this occur over and over again and can only gaze in wonderment before taking my next bite of cake. One time as I entered the cafeteria there was a large group of people jostling each other to get to the refrigerated dessert case, I thought, "There must be something especially scrumptious in there!" When the crowd dissipated I found an empty tray that once contained.......watermelon. Again, fascinating. How do I become one of these people? And not only when it comes to dessert. I long to make better food choices all around. And, while I hold enough knowledge about food, exercise, and weight loss to be a nutritionist, I continue to make choices that I know are harmful to me. Why is this? If I have a choice between pasta with marinara or pasta with a cream sauce, you can guess what I would pick. Same goes for the choice between grilled chicken breast or a nicely marbled grilled rib eye. No contest. Why am I like this and other people are not? Is it a matter of discipline? Genetics? Whatever it is, I'd like to remedy the situation because my diet (not to mention my lack of exercise) is killing me slowly. The solution seems so simple.....just make better less, move more....but somehow it isn't. Or maybe it is, and I'm just weak. I'm not sure. But I can't let it consume me. I'll take each day that is handed to me and make the most of it, perfect or not, and maybe, as I go along, I will genuinely want that piece of watermelon instead of a mediocre piece of cake.

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