Friday, September 3, 2010

Bring on the Rhinestones & Sequins!

So, we're into September now and I can't help but feeling that good things are ahead for us here in New Orleans. The hole in the Gulf is finally plugged (ok, the clean up from that will still be going on 20 years from now) and the new Saints season starts next week amid much national fanfare. Two things for us to be excited about, for sure. And, this weekend is Southern Decadence......a celebration of everything and around the French Quarter. Decadence is colorful, campy, wild, nasty, raunchy, and, best of all, SEQUINED. With a continuous soundtrack of thumping club music. At times it can be a bit much but you still don't want to miss it....just be prepared for the possibility of......ANYTHING. Decadence is big on costumes but remember that some people may consider a costume to be a leather thong with a pair of heels. Also remember that that person may be a hairy 300lb man. The festivities will be going on all weekend and the big parade starts at The Golden Lantern on Royal St. at 2pm on Sunday. I will definitely be out there taking in the sights.....see you at Bourbon & St. Ann!

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