Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Best Laid Plans........

My last post was intended to be the start of my devoting more time to this blog and my getting out and about around the city more often. But, as the above title implies, things don't always go as planned. My exciting Decadence weekend was derailed before it even started when I came home from work on that Friday night to find my back door kicked in. At first, I thought that nothing was missing, but after the dust settled figured out that my jewelry box and my iPod were gone. There were no jewels in my jewelry box (but the box itself was meaningful to me) and my iPod hardly holds a charge anymore so, really, not a big deal. No one was hurt (well, I hope he was) and they didn't kill the dog. But I can't get past the fact that someone actually kicked my door to pieces to get into my living space. It was a punch in the gut and a violation. Theft is not anything new in New Orleans....thieves here will steal anything that isn't nailed or locked down. I've had my car stolen, caught people twice trying to steal my bike, had my laptop stolen right from my hands while sitting on my front porch, and this is beautiful...my bike tire stolen from my bike 3 days after the door was kicked in.The list goes on. But I've never had someone come into my house uninvited and it bothers me to no end. So, I've spent the last week scouring Craig's List looking for a suitable apartment for us to move in to. Some people may say I'm letting the thieves get the best of me and that we should stay where we are and defiantly take a stand against the criminals....but I'm tired. And I can't afford to keep replacing the stuff that these people keep taking from me. Hopefully, we'll find something soon and we can move on to something better.

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