Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wishing For More

I spent yesterday getting back into the swing of regular life after a two week visit with my mother. Not recuperating, so to speak, but adjusting to her being gone and not having an extra person in the house. Two weeks may seem like a long visit with your mom but, I have to say, it went by quickly and relatively smoothly. We didn't go out at night as often as I would have liked but we ate well and got to spend time together. And lately I've been dwelling on how short life is and wondering just how much time we have left together. The answer is, I'm sure, 'not enough'. No matter how much I enjoy the 1100 mile buffer zone that seperates me and my family, the thought of my parents not being there some day weighs on my mind more and more each day. I'm facing our mortality. But there's no going back for me. I'd rather be waterboarded than move back to Bordentown, but I wouldn't mind my parents coming here. In fact, I often encourage my mother to do so, and I believe that she really wants to but finds the task of doing so daunting. I don't know, I guess I firmly believe that life is too short to not do what's in your heart, no matter what that may be......moving to a new city, quitting a crappy job, going back to school, starting your own business, getting out of a bad relationship, writing that novel. You only go around once and sometimes you just gotta take a risk, even if it seems to be less than responsible. Life is more exciting when you lighten up on the responsibility, I tell ya.'s some high moments of our visit.....

The scrumptious Kobe Beef Cheeseburger Po' Boy @ Hermes Bar

Chorizo&cheese nachos w/ fresh squeezed fruit margaritas (pineapple cilantro = fabulous!)@ El Gato Negro

Port of Call - mushroom burgers and monsoons

Drinks and eye candy @ Napoleon's Itch  (On this day, again, reaffirming why I don't like drinking too much.)

The always amazing Adolfo's

An oh-so tender filet mignon @ The Gumbo Shop

Watching the awesome musicians and actors in "Nine Lives" at Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre'

The Palm Court for a tasty dinner, strong drinks, & beautiful music provided by Leroy Jones. Loved our    waiter, Stanley!!

Tending to the courtyard, talking, laughing, and spending time with friends.

I was sad to see it end. Every day, through the "magic" of facebook, I note the number of my friends who have lost their mother. I feel very lucky to have mine and wish we didn't have all of these miles between us. I cherish the days we get to spend together....just wish there were more of them.

Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. What a wonderful Mother's day gift. I enjoyed every single day and look forward to many more. Thank you. Love you!! You know who.