Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friends To Look Forward To

The end of October. Wow. We are settling nicely in the new old place. Feels like I never left and Sidney (the dog) even seemed right at home in his old stomping grounds. Almost everything is put away as I want it to be, just some odds and ends left here and there. And I do believe I'd like to paint the kitchen, eventually. Other than that, everything is as it was or better. The girls who just moved left it spotless and I'm deeply grateful. I'm glad the move and that living situation are behind us. A weight has been lifted.

Moving definitely has a way of consuming you. First, you are obsessed with finding a place. Scouring Craig's List and the classifieds, pestering friends and even strangers, hoping the perfect place will come along. Then, after having several places not pan out (shabby conditions, too expensive, scary neighborhood, 50 people got there before you), when you find a place, you become obsessed with the packing and cleaning. Cleaning because you do not want to give the landlord any possible reason to keep your security deposit (New Orleans landlords are notorious for not giving your deposit back, they seem to think it's some sort of gift.). After that, it's the logistics of the move. (Which day, the truck rental, who is going to help, when are they available, etc., etc..) Most people do not want to help you move and are even happy to go to work that day if it gets them out of helping you move. And I don't blame them. Add to this the obsessing over the expense of it all (missing work to move, coming up with ANOTHER security deposit along with the first months rent, the truck rental, some kind of compensation for the good souls who did help) and the stress level ratchets up another few notches. And finally, after the move is said and done, it's time to obsess over the unpacking and arranging of stuff. The whole process is tedious and I'm done. I will be in this apartment until Kathy sells it, I come into an unexpected (and unlikely) windfall and buy my own house, or I die. Period.

Needless to say, there hasn't been much fun excitement going on around here. Still catching up financially (No, we don't have our deposit back yet. But today the 30 day period they have is up. The phone calls will begin, and won't stop until I have a check.) and haven't had the cash or time to do much socializing. I did get to meet up with an old friend from high school for a night on the town, and had a great time, but that's been it. Well, the dull times should be over! I have something to look forward to! I have some friends coming in from Canada on the 7th and my old friend, Becca, from my hometown, coming in on the 9th for her first visit to my fair city. And I'm excited!

My friends from Canada......we met in typical New Orleans fashion......

It was a rainy Monday afternoon. I was standing in the doorway of the Voluptuous Vixen on Chartres St., where a had a part time job, watching the rain and wishing I was down the street at Harry's Corner having a heavily vodka laden beverage. A couple stopped in front of my door to grab some shelter from the rain. We started talking and before I knew it, it was time to close the shop. I said that since it was still raining I was going to stop at Harry's for a drink or three before biking home. It turned out that Harry's was precisely the place that they were looking for. We agreed to meet down there. Fran and John were friendly, interesting people with a love for New Orleans. Easy to talk to, fun to hang out with. Too much time was passing so I had Lester meet us at the bar and in no time it was 10:30pm. Since they were staying on Frenchmen St., and it was Monday night, we headed over to d.b.a. for Glen David Andrews's set. Just a great, spontaneous, drunken evening. A rainy afternoon in New Orleans can be inspiring and you never know where it will take you if you let it. We've kept in touch through the wonder of facebook (what else?) and this will be their first trip back since we met in the summer of 2010. The last time we met they were leaving the next day. Hopefully, this time, our paths will cross more than once.

With Becca I have only 2 full days to give her a good mix of the touristy and local sides of New Orleans that's fit for a first-timer. I've got the wheels in motion and it will probably be a hectic couple of days trying to get everything in, but it will be worth it. I love it when someone comes here for the first time! I always want them to love the city as much as I do, and I want to make them want to come back. Doesn't always work out that way, but that's ok. I've always said about New Orleans, "You either get it, or you don't." It's that simple. If you have an open mind and can embrace diversity; enjoy food, booze, live music and friendly people; all in a decadent, laid back atmosphere.....then you should have no problem here. There's nothing but good times to be had if you know where to find them, and that's where I come in. It's my job to make the first-timer a repeat customer. To show them a good time, to make them fall in love, to make them feel that magnetic pull when they're not here. And I can't wait.

The fun begins next week when I  meet up with Fran and John.

At Harry's.

On a Monday afternoon.

 Hope it's raining.

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