Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mixed Bag

Since I haven't written, this post is a summary of the last two weeks of activity.....

Going back to my last post...had a great time meeting up with Dr. Sullivan and his students. Went to Sidney's Saloon (Kermit's place) and waited around for about 2 hours for the Rebirth to show up and then they only played for about 25 minutes. Not sure what happened there but it was all good, they at least had a DJ.

January 6th - Twelfth Night - the kick off of Carnival Season in New Orleans, King Cake and all that stuff. In past years I've kind of shunned Mardi Gras (I've only ever dressed up once) because, unfortunately, many people only come to Mardi Gras to see boobs, get drunk, and throw up or pee in the French Quarter. Just not a pleasant scene if you live here. But after watching the show Treme's representation of locals' Mardi Gras it made me want to give it another shot. I do have a costume in mind and I will be masking Mardi Gras this year. Anyone want to join me?

On Saturday 1/8 we had Jack and the students over to our place for red beans, drinks, and King Cake. Got to interact with them more than in the bar and they were a nice group of people who seemed to be enthusiastic about New Orleans. Had a great time! Unfortunately, the Saints lost in the first round of the playoffs that afternoon to the losing Seattle Seahawks. Oh well, life goes on.

The next day...the dogs of the land rejoiced when Mike Vick and the Eagles were knocked out by Green Bay.

Friday 1/14.....Found out this afternoon that someone I've known since childhood passed away. The slap in the face of mortality when someone around your age dies is very hard to shake. Through the "magic" of the internet we've all reconnected through facebook, and the sorrow felt by her family and friends is very real and penetrating. But the love is felt also. Makes you realize that everyone should treat each other well because life is very short.

This past weekend found me enjoying stress-free playoff football. And we even made it out for a bit on Saturday night. Hit the Hermes Bar at Antoine's for Paul Sanchez and Debbie Davis - loved them and the bar! Then moved on to the Bombay Club for the Leroy Jones Quartet. Always love Leroy and had the BEST chocolate martini, but the space is kind of dark and really pricey. A nice evening though and we went to two places that we'd never been before, which is always a good thing.

Overall I feel like I've made improvement about getting out and trying to make the most of  life. And so far I have some exciting things in the hopper for this year. I'm looking forward to it all!!

Oh, and I can't sign off before mentioning that a co-worker brought cupcakes from Sucre' in to work yesterday.......flippin' FABULOUS! Not only did they taste heavenly, they were gorgeous! Bravo!

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